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Product Name: GE Discovery IQ PET/CT

YOM: 2016

System Options: PET Base Permanent

PET List Mode Permanent

kVA Permanent90

VolumeViewer Permanent

VolumeViewerPet Permanent

Smart Prep Permanent

Connect Pro Permanent

Smart Speed Permanent

Direct-MPR Permanent

Data Export Permanent

CopyComposer Permanent

Image Series Permanent 3000

Patient-16-slice Permanent

Power440 Permanent

AutomA Permanent

WideView Permanent

PET Diagnostic CT Permanent

PET Gating Permanent

PET Dynamic Permanent

PET Q.Freeze Permanent

SharpIR Permanent

EnhancedRecon Permanent

MotionFreeApps Permanent

PET Q.Static Permanent

PET Q.Prep Permanent

ASIR Permanent

Direct-3D Permanen

celeratedRecon Permanent

PET Regularized Recon Permanent


System Software: NIO16

Tube Install Date: 09/08/2022

Tube YOM: 2022

)01/12/2022( Tube Count: 7 364 726

Detector YOM: TBC

Location: Still Installed


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